Amatorski @ Rockhal, 8 Februar 2013


Amatorski are a fascinating and promising band and their mesmerising performances have gained the band a devoted following in their native Belgium and Netherlands, where their self-released EP, album and singles have all ascended the national charts. The band will be on tour in the beginning of the year to promote their latest release “TBC” with a stopover at the Rockhalcafe on 08 February 2013.

In 2010 a new sound emerged on the Belgian airwaves. The vulnerable, murmuring, melancholic, hissing and zooming sounds of Amatorski (whose name means “amateur” in Polish) were discovered during Humo’s Rock Rally. Everybody immediately fell in love with the band’s debut “Same Stars We Shared”; a short work of art with only four magical songs which carried an exquisite and pure sound, dusted with soft, reserved, child-like vocals mumbling stories of love and heartbreak.

The nostalgic “Come Home” surprisingly conquered all the charts and got airplay on all Belgium radio stations. At the end of this glorious year, Amatorski got nominated in 2011 for the Belgian Music Industry Awards in the categories ‚breakthrough artist‘, ‚best artwork‘ and ‚best song of the year‘. However, this only appeared to be a prelude to a far richer, more sonic universe. Amatorski’s second release is more diverse; you’ll still hear the hisses and crackles, but some tracks have more elaborate arrangements interspersing electronic ingredients with delicate orchestrations. The fragile voice of Inne Eysermans still forms the backbone of the songs, but is occasionally supported by the vocals of guitar player Sebastiaan Van den Branden.

In 2011, Amatorski went to London, where analogue mixing desk and tape recorders were used to add that final spark of magic to the songs splattered with emotive, dramatic colours emitting a bleak, ominous, dreamy, emotional, silencing, noisy, and minimal feel. If you listen to the new Amatorski, your dreams will be haunted and your mind, echoed by sounds of Portishead, Massive Attack, Sparkehorse, Ornette Coleman or the gloomy children’s song from Eraserhead.

Bring along your friends and join us on 08 February 2013 at the Rockhalcafe for a beautiful concert evening with Amatorski and their atmospheric sound. The entrance is free! Quelle:

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