Austra Support: PLANKTON WAVES @ EXIT07, 7 August 2013


AUSTRA is Katie Stelmanis (lead vocals), Maya Postepski (drums), Dorian Wolf (bass), Ryan Wonsiak (keys), Sari and Romy Lightman (backing vocals). Formed in 2009, the Canadian band has since released one EP („Sparkle“) and two albums („Feel It Break“, „Olympia“). Though it has only been a bit more than two years since their debut, „Olympia“ can already be seen as an album of transformation. It presents a quantum evolution in the Toronto-based band’s sound, structure and style. The influences (Björk, Radiohead, Yazoo…) still linger, but as a whole, the record is alot more drum-driven. After three years of non-stop international touring with the likes of the xx, Grimes and the Gossip, when it came time to record „Olympia“, AUSTRA had evolved into a complex collaborative effort between its six members. Indeed, The album touches on a range of sentiments that stem from a relationship ending, a relationship beginning, and friends‘ struggles with addiction and motivation. Despite its dark themes, „Olympia“ remains a fundamentally danceable, if not dance record, which Stelmanis says was the band’s aim all along.

PLANKTON WAVES is a male-female electronic duo, living seclusively in tiny Luxembourg. After years of cooperation with different musicians, the lifelong friends have opted for creating in isolation in order to materialize their own musical vision, only. Experimenting with analog synthesizers, processed voices, vintage beats and tribal drums, PLANKTON WAVES have merged their inspirations into dark and hypnotic compositions. In their feverish dreams, the cold of Wave embraces the fundamental emotionality of 80/90 dance pop.

The first effort, the EP “Unduriel” released in 2010, was follwed by a number of live shows in Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany and Norway with a.o. Anika, The Soft Moon, Zoot Woman, Clock Opera, Vermin Twins and Dead Sexy Inc.. In February, they released their second EP, Songs Of Endings“. Source: