Coma (DE) + Lea Porcelain (DE) + Binary & Dyslexic (LU) @ Rotondes, 4 Dezember 2015


Hailed as Cologne’s next big thing from the get-go, and still steadily gaining momentum, Coma’s journey isn’t necessarily easy, – as both producers are more ardent perfectionists than hyped-up egomaniacs. Thus, their first official release took another year before it was finally revealed to a wound-up public in 2008. Back then, their first shows were organized abroad, gently pushing the pair on a trajectory bound for international acclaim, and it’s also since 2008 that Coma maintained their own studio in Cologne, regularly collaborating with fellow musicians like Roosevelt, Vimes, MIT or Ada. Whether Coma is on hiatus in their hometown or making a quick stopover while on tour, that’s also how the cameos on Coma’s impending debut album came about, including brilliant guest performances from all of the above.

After a handful of expertly crafted EP’s and a first LP In Technicolor (2013) at Coma’s homebase label Kompakt, they just dropped This Side Of Paradise in October. Rich in melodic and rhythmic content, This Side Of Paradise presents eight brand new tracks appealing to fans who love Coma’s music at home or in the club.

Lea Porcelain are indeed two Germans from Frankfurt, Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus. Markus has been involved in the European independent scene for years, with performances in New York and Moskau on top. Julien is one of the most talented electronic producers of today, having shared a stage with such acts as Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth and Luciano. Together they are Lea Porcelain, and Similar Familiar is their first ever single.

Binary & Dyslexic are Christophe Biache aka mr bios and Fred Baus aka in circles. They explore their personal vision of a groovy and minimal music by using old analog gear combined with new experimental production techniques. Binary & Dyslexic’s music is psychedelic, repetitive and danceable.