Jacco Gardner @ EXIT07, 09 February 2014


The Rockhal presents at EXIT07, the 24-year-old psychedelic musician Jacco Gardner. After taking Europe and the USA by storm and releasing two killer singles and his critically acclaimed full-length album „Cabinet of Curiosities“, Gardner returns with two new, exclusive tracks for Trouble in Mind, “The End Of August” and “Notus”. Let’s discover the fascinating world of this young Dutch maverick artist live at EXIT07 on 9 February 2014!


Yes, psychedelic music has had quite a renaissance of late. The past year saw all manner of variations on the theme gain rave reviews, chart placements and accolades. The 24-year-old maverick artist Jacco Gardner however is something else entirely, both light years ahead and 45 years behind his contemporaries. Syd Barrett was the initial flame that set the mind of this young Dutch native alight.

Recorded at his Shadow Shoppe Studios in Zwaag, Netherlands, Jacco Gardner has again employed the drum skills of Jos van Tol, but plays all other instruments himself. „The End Of August“ begins with a gentle, lilting guitar strum and bubbling mellotron, before kicking into a subtle, driving chorus that perfectly captures the ennui one feels as summer ends and fall begins. „Notus“ resides on the flip side a loping, lysergic instrumental that pitches a tent in between the works of Perrey-Kingsley and Stereolab, while flirting with a slightly progressive song structure, moving beyond the Syd Barret-influenced baroque-pop of earlier works.

It’s a very specific late 60s that he evokes on his debut album, “Cabinet of Curiosities”: the ornate, lushly orchestrated, psych-inflected soft rock or baroque pop of British groups such as Nirvana and the Zombies, and American bands such as the Millennium and Sagittarius.

“Cabinet Of Curiosities” is a box of delights of intricately craftily melodies guaranteed to conjure visions of sugar plum fairies and fireside stories from even the dullest imagination.

Distinctly Dutch, marked by the damp, chilly air and melancholic longing of ’60s masters Group 1850 but also utterly 2013, Gardner is on par with the finest new artists, yet somehow more honest and in awe of the source material with a keener ear for a strong tune than many of his peers.

Jacco Gardner is definitely an emerging talent unafraid to follow his own unique path. An artist worth watching out for and attending his show at Exit07 in Luxembourg-Hollerich on 9 February 2014! Source: