Junip @ CarréRotondes, 9 Mai 2013


When he is not writing for himself, Swedish singer and guitarist José González invites friends to play along and create something a bit more nervous than his solo LPs.

JUNIP was formed with long time friend Elias Araya (drums) and Tobias Winterkorn (keys) in the late nineties. From the earliest attempts to form a hardcore punk band, the three musicians as they grew older, mellowed down to play improvisition-heavy psych folk.

On their debut that was almost 10 years in the making, you‘ll hear some jazz, some soul and a krautrock base that gels it all together. Rich and cohesive at the same time, the „Fields“ LP (2010) proves that every second of its protracted gestation has been worth the wait.

From the galloping simplicity of „Off Point“ to the gentle summer breeze of „Always“, from the lightas- a-feather deftness of „It’s Alright“ to the blissful melancholy of „Tide“, it’s a heady and seductive brew, defined by the warmth of Winterkorn’s keyboards, Araya’s subtly insistent rhythms and Gonzalez’ distinctive, softly-sung tones and enigmatic lyricism. Source:

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