Kristen / The Last Day Of Summer @ CarréRotondes, 16 Oktober 2014


Kristen / The Last Day Of SummerThe Polish indie rock band KRISTEN was formed in the late 1990s and since then has released six albums. Initially inspired by Chicago’s post-rock and math-rock scenes, Kristen gradually embraced avant-rock and free-jazz flexibility with delicate brushes of electronics. They expanded their basic trio formation on some recordings, but have continued to play live in their core format of guitar, bass guitar, drums, sampler and vocals. Thanks to their remarkable live performances they found themselves touring with groups such as Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Joe Lally, Talibam! and Karate. Kristen’s most recent release, “An Accident” (Lado ABC, 2011) demonstrates their amazing ability to stretch the rock template without breaking it. In Kristen’s adventurous but still accessible music there are echoes of Low’s melancholy, dissonant guitar work of Sonic Youth and The Dead C and sublime song writing of The Sea and Cake. They are a fully developed band which seamlessly blends song-writing, improvisation, emotions and abstract soundscapes into absolutely unique music. Source: