Me And My Drummer @ Rockhal, 7 März 2013

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The German duo Me and My Drummer, composed of the singer Charlotte Brandi and drummer Matze Pröllochs quit their jobs at a theatre in the south of Germany to pursue music in Berlin. Well done! Because Me And My Drummer‘s create amazing dreamy pop music that has a magnetic feel to it. The time has come to her them live on stage at the Rockhalcafe on 07 March 2013 during their free showcase concert. The band’s name is a big hint to what you can expect there: a singer (Charlotte) and a drummer (Matze).

Both met each other in theatres. They made music for plays, they liked each other’s ideas and sounds, they found ways to create the time and space for their own works. They travelled; they recorded and freed themselves from the basics that brought them together, mile by mile by mile. As ME AND MY DRUMMER they found a unique sound and style and language; a special language as it only exists between two truly like-minded and different people. Me And My Drummer are pianos, synths, vocals and drums, talent and honesty. Their music is open about its origins, bearing the dents and scars of every argument about sounds, words and structures.

Recently, Me And My Drummer give birth to a debut album that ties all of this band’s works, accomplishments, victories and creative bloodsheds into ten masterful works, into one powerful music. „The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey“ is a highly personal thing. Charlotte Brandi’s voice spreads out, open and full of images, demanding and giving out magic and life and love and faith and soul. Drums and keys carry this colossal song through the world, slowly and patiently like wandering mountains. Through places and phases, Me And My Drummer have pursued and found themselves to now transfer their essence onto a debut album without example. A force, a demand, a flame, an outrageous pop music.

Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs have been making waves over the past six months with their minimal sound and big ideas, touring with major acts and generally wowing audiences all over Germany. Now it’s about time for you and your friends to discover them live during their free showcase concert at the Rockhalcafe on 07 March 2013. Source:

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