Night Beats @ CarréRotondes, 03 August 2014


The NIGHT BEATS are an American Psychedelic, Garage and Soul group based out of Seattle, Washington. NIGHT BEATS incorporate sounds of early R&B, Texas Psychedelic Rock, UK Blues, Folk and Soul. They were signed within weeks of self-releasing their debut EP („H-Bomb“), picked up by Chicago’s Trouble in Mind Records (Ty Segall, Fresh and Only’s, Hex Dispensers, etc.).

In 2012, the NIGHT BEATS self-titled debut LP followed, perfectly capturing and modernizing the hallucinogenic and demonic aura of bands like The 13th Floor Elevators and Golden Dawn. The trio – featuring Danny Lee Blackwell on guitar/vocals, Tarek Wegner on bass/vocals, and James Traeger on drums/vocals, have spent past few years relentlessly touring, hitting over 20 countries and with bands such as The Black Angels, Black Lips, 13th Floor Elevator’s Roky Erickson, Wooden Shjips, Ty Segall and more.

Part heavy bluesy spacecake, part psychedelic pop tab, YELLOW KING’s take on the much loved 70’s music is a very personal one. Adding a pachydermic groove, ultra melodic vocals, three tons of solo and a somehow 90’s approach to their acid sound, those songs are sure to please every fuzzheads around. Source: