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Nightwish Frontfrau Floor Jansen im Interview


Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen and lead singer Tarja Turunen. Their most successful album „Once“ was released on June 7th 2004, along with the hit single single „Nemo“. The single topped the charts in Finland and Hungary, and reached the charts in six additional countries. „Nemo“ remains the band’s most successful single released to date. In 2005 Nigtwish announced after a concert in the Hartwall Areena (Helsinki) on October 21, 2005 that Tarja will no longer be part of the band. Anette Olzon replaced Tarja. At the time eleven songs to their sixth album titled „Dark Passion Play“ were already written, so Anette Olzon finished the songs allthough she wasn’t involved in the writing processsion. On January 11th 2013, Olzon announced on her official blog that she was pregnant with her third child, due in spring 2013. This was a contributing factor to her being dismissed on October 9th 2013, Nightwish introduced Dutch singer Floor Jansen as the permanent replacement for Olzon. Their new album’s cover art and its title, „Endless Forms Most Beautiful“, were revealed on December 22, along with a release date of March 27, 2015. Being on tour, they were having a concert on 16th of December at the Rochkhal in Esch/Alzette and for this occasion their singer Floor Jansen answered a few of our questions.

Floor, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today. Do you ever get tired of interviews?

Well, it depends on the questions (laughs). But no, I am already so long in this business and it’s part of my job. So it’s something you have to go through whether you like it or not.

Was it for you always clear to become a musician?

Yes. I started at the age of 15 with my first band and since then I am in this business. It was very clear for me to become a professional musician. I cannot think of doing anything else as a job.

What’s the biggest difference between the new Nightwish album „Endless Forms Most Beautiful“ in comparison to other albums you’ve done?

Nightwish are huge. I mean, you step into a whole new world, although I was in bands like After Forever or ReVamp before. It’s anyway every time different. But we have a good vibe in the band and the guys are nice. I cannot complain (laughs).

Listening to your new album, I had a feeling that it sounds, let’s say quite thoughtful. Would you agree on this?

No, not really. I think that Nightwish lyrics are circling more or less around specific thematics. I wouldn’t call them thoughtful, rather adventurous, exciting and full of energy. From musical point of view I would say that this time we have a lot of „poppy“ melodies and that the metal influences are not as present as on the previous albums.

How do you see yourself evolving as a musician over the years?

That’s difficult to answer. I mean I rather let other people have their opinion on this. Let’s say you mature over the years, the lyrics are getting more serious and you learn from your past mistakes. I mean it’s a natural process for me and not something I spend many thoughts on it.

What bands have your attention right now?

Definitely London Grammar (British Indie-Pop band), their music is really beautiful. I must say that in my spare time I don’t listen much to metal, of course a little bit (laughs). Over the years you learn and evolve as a musician by listening to other genres. Keeping an open mind is very important to stay creative.

How important is it for you to still be involved in other projects?

It is very important, but for the moment all my focus lies on Nightwish. So I don’t have the time to think about other projectsr right now. But when the time is right I will for sure see how we will continue with ReVamp.

I thank you a lot for this interview and wish you good luck for the future.

Well thank you too, it’s been a pleasure.

(Interview by Mike Dostert)