Sielle + Tomás Tello @ CarréRotondes, 07 August 2014

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c2a351f10a-390x250 (1)

SIELLE is a french musician, composer, classically trained organ player, but also a brilliant rock guitarist. His first piece of work is entitled „Étincelante douceur“. It showcases SIELLE’s unique take on piano driven music, where emotion always comes before technique. Simple yet majestic, dense yet bright, „Étincelante douceur“ is to be discovered and cherished. No doubt that it will make believers at the CONGÉS ANNULÉS. Peruvian composer TOMÁS TELLO studied music in Lima and Barcelona before moving to South America, where he started a group project (Shaolines del Amor with Raul Gomez) as well as his work as a solo artist (Makakinho del Amor). His work fuses South-American tradition with analog electronics. TOMÁS TELLO now lives and works in Luxembourg, recently released a CD with Elisabeth Flunger under the moniker E.T.. He also runs a label called Andesground. Source: