Svper + Blondes @ EXIT07, 10 August 2013


SVPER, previously known as Pegasvs, are Sergio Pérez García and Luciana della Villa from Barcelona,  both members from Thelemáticos. Pegasvs was born in Asturias, Spain in 2010, with the recording of „La melodía del afilador“. „Atlántico“, their second effort recorded in Barcelona, grabbed the attention of label Canada who offered them an album deal. Their eponymous long player debut „Pegasvs“ was released in March 2012, preceded by two other cuts from the album „El final de la noche“ and „Brillar“.

Due to legal reasons, the duo changed their artist name to SVPER in March 2013. While they developed a deep love for club-oriented music alongside many different bands at Oberlin College, Sam Haar and his recurring creative partner, Zach Steinman, didn’t form the duo BLONDES and apply their collective skills to a studio setting until last year’s „Touched“ EP. A restless snapshot of their earliest material, the record was haunted by the ghosts in the machines of such sound sculptors as the Belleville Three and DFA’s keyboard-collecting dark horse, Gavin Russom.

It’s easy to imagine BLONDES’ new material working in such adventurous environs as New York’s Paradise Garage, one of David Mancuso’s infamous Loft parties. No wonder they made a conscious decision to release its RVNG Intl. trilogy on vinyl first, with „Swisher“, their long player out on August 6 of this year. Source: