Weval & Napoleon Gold @ Rotondes, 11 März 2016


Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers. Both Harm and Merijn got their start in film school, which is where they met in 2010. When they found out they shared the same love for creating electronic music, they decided to team up. Merijn’s musical background is mainly trip – hop, while Harm is influenced by electronic music. The two combined their different backgrounds into a unique sound for their first EP, Half Age on Atomnation, released in March 2013. Shortly thereafter, they premiered their live show at Pitch Festival 2013, after which many shows followed. 2014 started off with a bang forWeval with their remix of Gui Boratto’s single Take Control. This highly appreciated track got charted #1 at Beatport electronica top 100. In November 2014, the Dutch duo dropped their “Easier” EP on Kompakt, a four – tracker which haunts you long after you’ve left the floor. This year, they’ll take their live show on the road, gearing up for a busy touring season, so look out for future dates near you!

Hypnotic downtempo, warm low-pitched vocal samples and bewitching percussions are Napoleon Gold’s favourite tools when producing their ambient electronic tracks. Before being a duo, Napoleaon Gold was the solo project of the electronic producer Antoine Honorez, who worked on remixes and collaborations with Sun Glitters or Monsoon Siren, opened for London Grammar, Glass Animals, Oscar The Wolf, as well as SOHN, and played in various festivals in Europe such as the Liverpool Soundcity Festival (UK), Nordik Impakt (FR), Galapagai Festival (LT), Rock-A-Field (LU), … Since February 2015, Jerome Klein (Piano/Percussions) joined Napoleon Gold, adding intensity and character to the live performances. The mix between electronic sounds, guitars, piano, percussions and subtle improvisations make each show a unique experience.